1st Novel “The Pain of Mistreatment in Love” تیری ستم گری | Episode 1

A few Years Ago from love:

He had stayed inside for the previous two days because he was bothered by something. That’s how his love was, which had been associated with his name for four years. Today, in a moment, his younger brother, Hassan, became Shanul Bakhsh’s name. He was a complicated person, burdened with his own self, very scattered. The reason for his scatteredness was Ashnal Bakhsh. Roshnal Bakhsh couldn’t believe that Ashnal Bakhsh would do this to him, someone he had called a child for twelve years. He never got tired of praising his parents. Ashnal Bakhsh had become a symbol of respect and honor. But Baba’s words were hard for him to accept. He couldn’t bear the hope that Baba would say such a thing to him. Baba’s voice echoed in his ears repeatedly.



For the past two days, no one had called him. When the anger had reached its limit, he took steps toward the house because for the past two days, he had been tolerating the taunts of the family. He entered the room, locked the door, then went towards the bed, but to his surprise, it was occupied by someone. Due to this, his anger escalated. Roshnal Bakhsh had thrown a blanket downstairs in frustration, which had messed up Ashnal’s clothes. ‘Hey, shameless woman, even though you didn’t want to, you couldn’t control your anger,’ he said when he saw her. Ashnal stood up as soon as she saw him and embraced him. She didn’t hear his curse. ‘Brother, you know me, right? I am not like this.’ Chatakh had slapped himself on his delicate lips. ‘Who told you to come to my room?’ The woman from the market said, ‘I will live in this room in the future.’ She startled him. ‘So you sleep here and I won’t get any sleep? Roshnal Bakhsh said, pushing her down to the ground. ‘This is your place.’ Ashnal was scared seeing his anger. ‘You’re misunderstanding me,’ she said. He had slapped her on her delicate lips. ‘Who told you about Manal? How did you dare to speak about her? It was my innocent sister whom I considered a sister, but you didn’t consider me your brother. Tell me why?’ Now sitting on the ground, he was twisting her. The trust of my mother and father has been shaken. My love has been separated from me. You have turned my brother against me. What kind of fire was it that you wanted to ignite in me? Everyone had trusted me so much, but it broke in a moment, not by me, but by you. Please, let me tell everyone the truth that Manal Api came to your room last night!’ Ashnal was entwined with him, saying, ‘Brother, you’re mistaken. I won’t do that even if I don’t want to.’ You, without any sense of shame, were not even ashamed to talk to me in this manner. When she said this, he moved away from her. ‘Are you thinking I will leave you? I will poison your life. You will be able to live, and you won’t be able to die. You will ask for death, but you won’t find it, and I won’t let you stay with me. Saying this, he moved closer to her. The dupatta had separated from her existence. She was shivering as she sat on the chilly ground. She wasn’t a small girl who couldn’t understand the gaze in his eyes. The woman understands every look that falls on her, but today she couldn’t see her dignity in his eyes. ‘I haven’t done anything. It’s only because of you that my respect has become a joke in everyone’s eyes, and only because of you. And you’re saying I haven’t done anything. There was an intense desire in me to become your wife, but you took it lightly. Everyone has made me your wife, so why should I stay away from this relationship? Today, I will show you by becoming your wife. His innocent heart started to close at this statement.


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‘Please, no. No,’ he said. When I have heard everyone’s taunts, why shouldn’t you go through this pain? You cannot subject me to this, please.  You’re my superior. You can’t treat me like this.’ In a doubtful state, he spoke with a trembling voice. I won’t show you such a state by doing this. Ashnal approached him, reducing the distance between them. Today, Ashnal’s trust was shattered. He had erased the slight distance between them. Today, his trust in Roshnal Bakhsh had shattered. Roshnal Bakhsh’s eyes were fixed on her lying down. The clock struck one, and everyone was sleeping peacefully on their beds, but she was watching him, broken. ‘Please, no. No, I am your issue, aren’t I?’ ‘What will everyone think? Let’s go from here.’ She said with a choked voice. ‘No, no, I will die. The issue, no, you have become my despised wife. The one who was declaring her love for me so happily yesterday, you won’t meet her. You are the despicable woman who was declaring her love to me in this room yesterday. The words she had spoken had become thorns in his heart. ‘No, I will die. I am not an issue to you. Everyone will know what really happened, that Manal Api was in your room last night.’ ‘Please, stop talking nonsense. This won’t go on. Let’s go from here.’ ‘No, no, I will die.  I will perish if you don’t come find me. You are the vile woman who was declaring her love to me so happily yesterday. You have shattered my respect. She then moved away slightly and started to rise. When she tried to reach out to him again, he was tearing apart. ‘Don’t go from here. Don’t go in front of those people who have turned me into a spectacle.

“Issues, you’re not my beloved wife anymore. The one who expressed love so joyfully yesterday, if I don’t find you, I will die. You were that despicable woman who was professing her love to me in this very room. Your words were piercing, burying my dignity. She started to rise, creating some distance between us, and then she approached to reach out to me. Be warned, don’t dare to leave here in front of those people who have turned me into a spectacle. No, please, no.

With meaningful intonation, he recited the couplets, which had seeped into his conscience. Roshnal Bakhsh had shattered his years of trustworthiness in an instant. His pleas and arguments were of no use. The fire of hatred had consumed all of Roshnal’s emotions, and he wanted her to experience the pain he had endured. Today, Ashnal Bakhsh had lost everything she had. She had done what she had said, neither leaving this world nor leaving the people. Today, they had won, Manal had won, but Ashnal had lost everything, even her respect.

Manal couldn’t comprehend what had transpired in an instant. The well she had dug for Ashnal had become her own grave. When Hassan’s voice echoed, saying, “Open the door,” she was lost in her thoughts. Why are you making my life unbearable? She opened the door, grinding her teeth, and said, “I am your husband, you can’t treat me like this.” Perhaps he, too, was showing her some respect. “Husband, I never considered you my child. I haven’t held you in my lap. Take me now, after four years, I’m older now.” He opened his eyes, glaring at her, speaking rudely, “Silence, you insolent person. I used to consider you a little child. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m younger than you. Secondly, now I am your husband, don’t mistake me as a child anymore.” As he removed his shoes, she was about to take them off, but he stopped her. “No, I told you to hold me. Don’t make the mistake of considering me a child again. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences. Now she was taking off her slippers. As soon as she entered the door from which she had come in, he closed it again. “Open it, you rude person.  I told you to hold me, but whose hand should I put in? I won’t let you go. But you made an error. Launch it. I won’t abandon you. She vowed not to let me leave.

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